Asset tracking, anywhere in the world.

Remote asset tracking has never been this easy, thanks to satellites.

tracking made easy

Asset tracking, available everywhere.

Asset tracking should be easy, But for many worksites around the world, it can be impossible to know what’s happening with any asset. Off grid tracking is nearly impossible in those hard-to-reach areas of the planet, whether that’s the middle of the desert, or the middle of the mountains. Current asset tracking systems don’t work with mixed fleets. And no matter what system you use, chances are it’s going to be expensive, annoying, and difficult to install and maintain.

At least, it was. Until we invented HiberEasypulse. It’s a new asset tracking system that is easy to buy, easy to install, easy to use, and easy to love. Designed by Hiber engineers, built with rocket scientists, and tested in some of the most remote locations on the planet, it’s made for machines on the move. It’s everything you need for asset tracking, wrapped into one package that you can install yourself. There’s no maintenance required. No specialised talent. No hidden fees for moving across borders. No dropped signals. It’s just you, the asset, the asset tracking hardware, and an easy-to-access satellite connection. Simple. Fresh. And, dare we say it, a little fun? Just like asset tracking management should be, really.

HiberEasypulse is an all-in-one IoT system that makes asset remote tracking as easy as ordering a pizza. For just $15 per device, per month, it’ll help you save around $15,000 per asset, per year, thanks to some seriously cool data and insights. You can see where your vehicles are, where they’re going, how quickly they’re on the move, and a whole lot more. Anywhere on the planet. Everywhere your assets are.

If there’s a better deal out there, we haven’t heard of it.

Install in 15 minutes
24/7 information
Made for mixed fleets
For total peace of mind

IoT asset tracking in 15 minutes.

Asset tracking has never been this easy. With the battery powered version of HiberEasypulse, you can install the sensor yourself. Just pull the asset tracking device out of the box, slap it onto your asset, and open up the included software, and you’re done. Data will start rolling into your asset tracking software 15 minutes later. How cool is that?

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IoT tracking everywhere.

The key to never losing track of an asset? Satellites. HiberEasypulse connects to the world’s most trusted satellites to give you easy access to asset GPS tracking. It can be used on land. It can be used on the sea. No matter where it is, you’ll get regular, reliable updates every 15 minutes, all delivered to your asset tracking app of choice.

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Made for mixed fleets.

Sure, it’s nice that manufacturers build asset tracking tools into their on-board telematics systems. But honestly? Most of us have mixed fleets from different manufacturers, and getting those telematics systems to talk to each other is a headache. HiberEasypulse makes it easy to connect different types of assets from different brands into one, unified asset tracking solution.

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Install edge station in minutes.

HiberEasypulse is asset tracking management made easy. When you use the data and insights generated by the system, you can find easy ways to increase productivity, cut costs, and make the worksite safer, all at the same time. It comes down to increased utilisation (by as much as 20%), better driver safety (with driver scorecards), lower emissions (with reduced idling time), fewer mechanical errors (with better maintenance schedules), and a whole lot more. All so you can rest easy knowing that your worksite is working like a well-oiled machine.

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“You have to know where your equipment is. It’s valuable and crucial for business activity. And it’s out in the open, especially in remote mountainous areas.”

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Meet hibereasypulse

The “everything-you-need digital asset management system.”

HiberEasypulse is an all-in-one IoT technology for asset tracking. It includes everything you need to make asset tracking easy. Just pull the IoT sensors out of the box, connect them to the satellites, and you’re done.


Satellite-based GPS asset tracking


Hardware, software, and connectivity


Flexible solution that puts you in control


IoT technology for remote & rugged regions


Easy installation


Subscription-based service


Your business. But with HiberEasypulse.

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