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About Creative Fund.

Got an idea that will change the world? That will take IoT to new places? Then our Creative Fund is your launch vehicle.

The IoT opens up limitless possibilities for everyone. But what if you have a great idea but no satellite network or support to make it a reality? Well, Hiber’s Creative Fund changes all that. ​Every 3 months the idea with the most votes wins a developer kit for Hiberband, 3 years of free satellite connectivity and support from the brightest minds at Hiber. World, look out!

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Every 3 months a new winner.


Win 3 years free satellite connectivity!

About Hiber®.

Hiber delivers the world’s first truly affordable Low Power Global Area Network (LPGAN). And ‘boy’ are we proud.

Hiber have a big dream. To make access to the IoT easy and affordable for anyone on Earth. Anywhere. In the darkest jungle, the busiest city, the hottest desert, the widest ocean or even your Mom’s backyar​d. If you’ve got waterwells in California, potato fields in East Africa, fishing fleets in Indonesia or trains across Europe and Asia, Hiber changes everything.​ Our modem ‘hibernates’ then sends data when a nano satellites pass overhead. Easy to install with a 10-year battery life, it’s the perfect solution for governments, NGOs and companies who need a cost-effective, reliable way to send data from the most remote locations. Whatever you want to monitor, whatever data you need, Hiber is there for you and the world.

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Meet the founders Hiber's management team.

Ernst Peter Hovinga CEO
Only Neil Armstrong loves space more than our CEO. Streamlining everything to get the Hiber dream ready for launch is what drives him every day. No wonder Ernst Peter has already been a leading star for NSSLGlobal, Inmarsat and Satcom.
Maarten Engelen CTO
An IT entrepreneur since the age of 16, everything and anything tech is Maarten’s passion. Before Hiber he founded, built and sold a number of Internet related companies, including Treatwell.
Laurens Groenendijk CMO
A global entrepreneur for nearly 20 year, Laurens sees opportunities where nobody else does. Which explains why he’s the brains behind such amazing brands as Just-Eat and Treatwell.
Coen Janssen CFO
A special innovator with a never-ending appetite for pioneering yet sustainable projects, Coen has a unique background in both aerospace and investments. Helping make ideas viable both in space and on the balance sheet.
Erik Wienk COO
An experienced executive and serial entrepreneur, Erik knows the countdown to launch is about many years of hard work not only ‘T minus 10’. His strong commercial and financial focus helped found and make Treatwell such a success.