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Make the most of 144 bytes, send data everywhere using Hiberband®.

So few characters, so much potential.

We don’t want to hold anyone back. In fact, we want to set your thinking free. However, sometimes, when you want to push the boundaries you need to know what they are. So here’s a quick tech overview of what Hiberband can or can’t do. But to be honest, we expect our Creative Funders to change all that.

How Hiberband works? Your data, delivered superfast.

  1. Plug our modem in your device and connect with our antenna.
  2. Our modem sends your data to our satellite.
  3. The satellite sends your data to the ground station.
  4. You have your data available at any cloud server you like.

What are the possibilities?

  • Easy affordable access to the first truly global IoT network.
  • Max size of data messages is 144 data-loaded bytes.
  • Modem antennas really need to be outdoor with a clear view of space.
  • Works best in areas with little or no coverage by traditional networks.

What are the limitations?

  • 2 antennas, big and small, at the moment
  • Only one message can be sent per day.
  • Doesn’t work indoors. Sorry, you might need to wrap up warm.
  • Not suitable for two-way connectivity.
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