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Creative fund

Hiber Creative Fund is there to support new initiatives in the world of IoT.

By supporting your research project, startup or just your super brilliant hobby project the Creative Fund would like to show what IoT really means for the world. Yes, you can now switch on your lights by using an app. Big deal. IoT is more, it can change the way we use resources, it allows to do research in inaccessible areas, it can change business models like never before. IoT is there to change the world, and we ask you to prove it!

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Edwin ter Velde
An expedition for a cleaner world on the coldest continent on earth. A test of man and machine, to inspire a personal adventure at home.
169 4 0

Embracing everyone.

Providing people with a means to remotely monitor their equipment health, order stock product and signal community issues.
Environment Monitoring Pump Solarpanel
232 24 0

Join our mission to fight obesity.

Yama Saraj
An innovative way to make youngsters aware about being fit and health.
Sensai Environment Africa Healthcare
104 3 0

Managing Earth’s water resources needs a flood of data.

Daniël Heimans
How tiny satellites in space can see water beneath the ground.
Groundwater Environmental Monitoring
110 1 0

Make rural kids the smart farmers of tomorrow.

Henk Smeenk
We can’t predict the climate. But nano satellites can help rural communities prepare for it.
Climate Asia South America Africa
459 34 0

Drift bottles that will help human being improve the knowledge to mother ocean.

Weishan Yang
A platform which supports data collection for the ocean or other surface water research with ultra long lifetime and global connectivity.
Ocean Big data Research Energy
85 2 0

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Hackathon Maker Faire 2018
The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth

‘To boldly go where no-one has been before’ is at the heart of the Maker Faire, in Eindhoven. Innovative, inspiring and enquiring minds of every age gather there every year. From engineers to artists, scientists to crafters, all sharing amazing ideas. There are robots, experiments, interactive stalls, crazy vehicle parades and much more. There couldn’t be a more creative event to sponsor and launch our Creative Fund at.

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