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Smart drifter.

Drift bottles that will help human being improve the knowledge to mother ocean.

Smart drifter intends to be a platform which supports data collection for the ocean or other surface water research. It will have capabilities such as an ultra long lifetime and a multitude of data collection methods with the ability to transfer data globally.

About the project

The idea was formed and inspired, in 2014, by the unfortunate events of the missing MH370 aircraft. At that moment, we were imaging there could be floating drifters with the ability to send GPS location; which would be able to guide a search team to rescue suspect wreckage that has been transmitted to a Hiber satellite. In addition, smart drifter would be able to collect data from other sensors and send them back through a different upline communication channel, including satellite.

How does it work?

Imaging there would be a large number of bottles been deployed under the action of ocean currents, bottles scattered throughout the ocean could locate the position of themselves GPS and collect the physical data from where they are in. They will then transmit information via satellite back to the station to be processed and shared on a cloud platform. Through the accumulation of time, we can set a big data platform which contains information of ocean surface in both historical and real time. Thereby the information provided by drift bottles can be used for analysis by the meteorological and ocean research.

Therefore, by designing the product that utilizes open source hardware, our team will create this new type of low-cost drift bottles which can serve in the ocean for at least 10 years. To achieve that, the smart drifter is designed to collect natural energy and manage/use it smartly. In the future, it can be probably used to calibrate sensor or data for ocean research satellite, take video above and underwater, check spectrum, Tsunami warning etc.

Hiber’s Hiberband gives us a chance to implement low-cost satellite communication, a key feature of this project.

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