Meet hibereasypulse

Asset tracking IoT for offgrid worksites.

Install it in 15 minutes, or we'll send you a pizza.


What's possible with HiberEasypulse?

Well, a lot, actually. When you bring HiberEasypulse onto your worksite, you get access to regular, reliable asset data, 24/7. And the results of that can be stunning.

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$15,000 savings

per machine, per year


rental reduction


idling reduction


productivity improvement

It's easy

Hardware, software, connectivity.

HiberEasypulse is unique for a few reasons. But the big one is that it’s an all-in-one IoT technology that has everything you need to get started. The subscription model means you get hardware, software, connectivity, continued device upgrades, unlimited support, and a flexible contract system.

The slap and track edge station

Regular, reliable data, wherever you are.

The HiberEasypulse edge station is a brick-sized box that houses all of the electrical components of HiberEasypulse. It comes pre-calibrated, so all you have to do is pull it out of the box, attach it to the asset, and turn it on. It’s as easy as that.

battery powered
canbus powered

Long battery life.

Designed for optimal power usage, HiberEasypulse will last a long time out in the field.


Designed for the harshest conditions on the planet.

Movement based tracking.

High-precision GPS/GLONASS tracking device tracks assets when they’re on the move.

On-board memory storage.

Save 100+ messages on the device itself.

Long battery life


Movement based tracking

On-board memory storage

Plugs directly into the asset.

The CAN bus version plugs directly into your asset so you can get all sorts of juicy details on your asset.

Updates every 15 minutes.

The CAN bus HiberEasypulse sends data every 15 minutes so you always know what’s happening with your vehicle.

Lots of insights.

After installation, get instant access to all the data your vehicle’s CAN bus collects.

Easy to install.

HiberEasypulse can be installed by your on-site team. No special technicians needed.

Plugs directly into the asset

Updates every 15 minutes

Lots of insights

Easy to install

satellite connectivity

Made possible by satellites.

HiberEasypulse uses satellite connectivity to bring the Internet of Things to remote areas of the world.
It’s a full GPS fleet tracking system that works anywhere your assets go.

3rd party satellite

HiberEasypulse uses trusted satellite network partnerships to connect devices in remote locations.

Near real-time messaging

HiberEasypulse samples data every few minutes so you have an accurate overview of what’s happening with your vehicles.

Transmission every 15 min

The edge station takes regular data samples, then transmits the data every 15 minutes.

Continued service

The subscription model means you always get the most up-to-date technology.

3rd party satellite

Near real-time messaging

Transmission every 15 min

Continued service


Easy digital asset management software.

See all of your asset data in one simple overview.
The HiberEasypulse dashboard offers powerful reports to help you better understand your worksites.

Mixed fleet, one platform.

Connect all your asset in one unified system.

Increase productivity by 40%.

Discover opportunities for productivity improvements with historical data.

Save $15k per asset, per year.

Build better maintenance schedules, reduce theft, and increase utilisation.

20% utilization increase.

Make your vehicles work harder (and smarter) for you.

Mixed fleet, one platform.

Increase productivity by 40%.

Save $15k per asset, per year.

20% utilization increase.

It's cost effective

An affordable monthly subscription

HiberEasypulse uses a flexible subscription model that gives you control of your asset tracking.
Scale it up or down as you like without any hassle.

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Digital asset management your way.

Whether you just want to keep track of where your things are or you want in-depth insights, there’s a HiberEasypulse solution for you.

Asset tracking.

See where your assets are, all the time.

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Fleet monitoring.

Get in-depth insights on your vehicles.

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