Meet the newest fleet monitoring solution for remote locations.

Off grid fleet monitoring, anywhere in the world, thanks to satellites.

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An easy, affordable fleet management solution.

Who said global fleet monitoring had to be a pain? Because the sad reality is for many worksites around the world (and especially those in remote areas), fleet monitoring and management is a struggle. Lack of connectivity means you constantly lose track of your stuff. Lack of infrastructure makes it difficult to bring in a robust fleet remote monitoring system. And lack of affordable, easy options means that too often, you just feel stuck.

At least, until recently. Because we invented HiberEasypulse. It’s a full fleet monitoring solution that’s designed to connect mixed fleets, deliver vehicle insights, improve driver safety, and increase profitability, anywhere on the planet, at an affordable price. Really. It’s satellite fleet monitoring at the cost of cellular, and it’s here to make your life a whole lot easier. Just plug the Easypulse edge station into your vehicle. Boot the system up, and watch the data roll into your online fleet monitoring app, 15 minutes later.

Built for remote areas and rugged environments, HiberEasypulse is an IoT fleet monitoring service that gives you access to fleet data without the hassle of building out a complicated telematics system. In a matter of minutes you can connect your mixed fleet, get all your assets online, and be up and running with fleet device monitoring. It’s as easy as ordering a pizza, costs just $15 per month, per device, and it can save you as much as $15,000 per year, per asset, thanks to some cool data and insights. Connect directly to the vehicle’s CAN bus and see things like location, run time, idle time, speed, acceleration, and so much more. Then use that information to optimise your worksite, train your drivers, reduce your emissions, and keep your people safe. It’s that easy, simple, flexible, and secure. Just as off grid fleet monitoring should be.

Made for mixed fleets
can bus connection
satellite based
Increase utilisation

Made for mixed fleets.

Mixed fleet? Not a problem. Easily connect assets from different manufacturers and create an integrated fleet monitoring system. You can use the included fleet monitoring software that we designed especially for you to see what’s happening with your assets. Or you can integrate the data into a system you already have in place. How you use the system is up to you, but you can rest easy knowing your data is always there.

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CAN bus connection.

HiberEasypulse has two connection options. The battery-powered version lets you slap the fleet monitoring hardware onto an asset and watch it roll away. The CAN bus connection lets you integrate directly into a vehicle’s system to get even deeper, more accurate insights. Tap into data like run time, idle time, tyre pressure, and more with one simple installation.

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Satellite based.

Get satellite-based fleet GPS monitoring for the cost of cellular. HiberEasypulse is a GPS fleet management tool that works anywhere in the world, no matter how remote, thanks to our partnerships with some of the biggest names in satellite. Whether you’ve got assets in the middle of the mountains, or the middle of the tundra, our satellites can pick up their data and deliver them right back to your fleet monitoring software every few minutes.

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Increase utilisation.

Got fleet data? That means you’ve got opportunities, galore. Use vehicle data to build maintenance schedules, find productivity opportunities, improve driver safety, and learn where to cut costs. With the right knowledge, information, and fleet monitoring tool, you can increase asset utilisation by as much as 20%, and productivity by 40%.

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“You have to know where your equipment is. It’s valuable and crucial for business activity. And it’s out in the open, especially in remote mountainous areas.”

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ALL-in-one solution

It’s everything you need.

HiberEasypulse has everything you need to get started with fleet monitoring. Just pull the fleet monitoring device out of the box, attach it to the asset, connect it to the satellite and software, and you’re done. No complicated solution, no slow installations.


Installed in 15 minutes


Hardware, software, and connectivity


Flexible solution that puts you in control


Designed for remote and rugged regions


Easy IoT


Affordable option


Some of the practical applications.

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