Hiberband Direct

Connect your IoT device direct-to-satellite,
anywhere on earth.

Connect your IoT device direct-to-satellite, anywhere on earth.

Integrate a Hiberband modem and antenna into your Internet of Things (IoT) application and you can collect your data from anywhere earth; being it from the middle of the ocean, the middle of the desert, or your backyard. Hiberband Direct is the first truly global IoT connectivity network. Easy. Simple. And totally affordable.

Hiberband Direct, send data
direct from any device.

Hiberband Direct

How it works

One example of how Hiberband Direct
can help you connect your assets.

One example of how Hiberband Direct can help you connect your assets.

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Step 1: Integrate and measure

Remotely deployed sensors measure temperature, soil moisture, water levels and submit their data to the integrated Hiberband modem.

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Step 2: Direct-to-satellite

Our nanosatellite passes overhead and the modem sends its data up. The satellite receives and drops the data at the nearest ground station, and voila, it is now available on the cloud.

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Step 3: Receive and monitor

The plantation owner views the data in a personalized dashboard, displaying the conditions of the land and providing the owner with insights to act and optimize plantation operations.

Cloud service of your choice

Get your data where you want it.

So many Cloud services. So little time to integrate them. With Hiber, 3rd party systems get 1st class support. AWS, Azure, IBM, Google Cloud. Or a purpose-built Cloud platform. All integrate easily. So every priceless bite of data your modems collect is available anywhere. On virtually any Cloud service. See, some clouds really do have a silver lining.

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Build your own integration api
Hiber kit

Developer Kit for
Hiberband Direct.

In the box is a Hiberband-enabled modem to easily access IoT connectivity from anywhere on Earth. It's a developer's Christmas and birthday present in one. Feel free to try new ideas. Invent the previously thought impossible. To test the connection. Even make mistakes. It's a playground or sandbox where the only limit really is the imagination.

Welcome to the Nitty gritty

Hiberband Direct networks specifications.

Hiberband Direct is the first low-power direct-to-satellite connectivity service, making use of a single global technology standard. Connect to Hiberband by integrating the compact and easy to integrate modem, designed to enable mass IoT deployments.

  • Global coverage

  • 400 MHZ frequency

  • Payload size of 144 bytes

  • Simplex, store and forward connectivity (non-real time)

  • AES-GCM 128-bit key security

  • The hiberband message contains: payload data, modem id, timestamp and geo-location

  • Line of sight between the antenna and the satellite is required (outdoors only)

Modem power consumption.

Operational state (*) Typical duration (s) Current (MA) Current drain per day (MAS)
Host communication mode 5 20 100
Hiberband listen mode 5 30 150
Hiberband transmission mode A 0.3 850 255
Hiberband transmission mode B 5 20 100
Hibernation mode 86344 0.005 432
Total (**) 1037 (0.28 mAh)
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Hiberband is the first Low Power Global Area Network (LPGAN), offered by Hiber. Hiberband delivers global connectivity for sensor and Internet of Things (IoT) related devices at affordable cost, by launching our own satellite network. This makes our service the first truly global IoT network.

Yes, Hiber has launched its first two satellites end of 2018. These satellites are in, in a polar sun-synchronous Low Earth Orbit (LEO), rotating around the earth at approximately 600km.

Our daily messaging service will be available from only a few euros per device per year.

Interested in Hiberband?

Let us help you.

Interested in Hiberband?

Let us help you.

Get a quote for a starterkit.

Get a quote for a starterkit.

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