Hiberband Direct

The direct way to access IoT connectivity from anywhere on Earth.

Big idea, tiny solution. The Hiberband modem is a small chip and easily integrates into any on your devices' PCB. Opening a world of limitless, simple to execute ideas. Connecting your IoT device directly to our nano satellites from almost anywhere on our beautiful blue planet is also straightforward. Every time a satellite passes over, it wakes up the modem and sends all your glorious stored data 600Km into space. Before it's beamed back down to a groundstation and off to the Cloud. Easy. Simple. And totally affordable.

Hiberband Direct.

Send data direct from any device, anywhere.

How it works

Easy way to connect multiple devices.

Sensors everywhere, on everything.

In a waterwell. On a railcar. In a rice field. Or on a moving truck. Sensors can be anywhere. Monitoring soil temperature, railcar location, water supply or virtually anything else. Then they send the data direct to a nano satellite or via the gateway.

Tiny modems go anywhere.

The Hiberband Direct modem is tiny. That way they can be integrated in any sensor ready to receive data, staying in sleepmode until a nano satellite passes over and literally wakes the modem from its 'hibernation'. Hence our name, Hiber. Once awake, the modem transmits the data 600Km into space.

Nano satellites collect big data.

Nano satellites zoom around Earth every 90 minutes at 22,000 KPH. Covering the whole planet every day. When they pass over a modem, they wake it up and all that glorious data is sucked up into space. Like data camels, the nano satellites then collect and store it all, before forwarding to a local groundstation.

Groundstations around the globe.

When a nano satellite passes over a groundstation all the data it has collected is transmitted back to Earth. From the groundstation it is forwarded to the chosen Cloud service and Mission Control. Simple. Fast. Efficient.

Mission Control puts you in control.

Mission Control is a modem management platform. It provides a quick overview of every device deployed anywhere on Earth. Including its health status and location. Mission control also manages Cloud services via API, webhooks or bespoke integration. 'Houston, we don't have a problem.'

Choose your own cloud service.

Every precious bite of data our modems gather can be stored anywhere in the Cloud. AWS to Google Cloud. Or a purpose-built Cloud service. No problem. No worries. No lost sleep.

Cloud service of your choice

Get your data where you want it.

So many Cloud services. So little time to integrate them. With Hiber, 3rd party systems get 1st class support. AWS, Azure, IBM, Google Cloud. Or a purpose-built Cloud platform. All integrate easily. So every priceless bite of data your modems collect is available anywhere. On virtually any Cloud service. See, some clouds really do have a silver lining.

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Build your own integration api

Hiber kit

Developer Kit for
Hiberband Direct.

In the box is a Hiberband-enabled modem to easily access IoT connectivity from anywhere on Earth. It's a developer's Christmas and birthday present in one. Feel free to try new ideas. Invent the previously thought impossible. To test the connection. Even make mistakes. It's a playground or sandbox where the only limit really is the imagination.

Subscription packages

Wherever you are on Earth, we've a special IoT connectivity solution for you.

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Hiber One 1 message per day
Hiber More 4 messages per day
Hiber Power 24 messages per day
Hiber Max 100 messages per day
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Hiberband is the first Low Power Global Area Network (LPGAN), offered by Hiber. Hiberband delivers global connectivity for sensor and Internet of Things (IoT) related devices at affordable cost, by launching our own satellite network. This makes our service the first truly global IoT network.

The modem receives data from the sensor. The modem is in sleep mode (hibernation) until a satellite passes over. The modem wakes up and communicates and transmits the data to our satellite. The satellite stores all collected data. Once in view of a gateway, the data is forwarded back to Earth. From here, the messages are processed and stored for pickup or forwarded to the systems of the owner.

The first two satellites have been launched Q4 2018. At the moment the commissioning of the network is taking place.

Yes, Hiber has launched its first two satellites end of 2018. These satellites are in, in a polar sun-synchronous Low Earth Orbit (LEO), rotating around the earth at approximately 600km.

Our daily messaging service will be available from only a few euros per device per year.

Please send an email to [email protected], we would love to explore how we can work together!

Interested in Hiberband?

Let us help you.

Interested in Hiberband?

Let us help you.