Heavy equipment asset tracking for remote construction sites.

HiberEasypulse lets you track every asset, anywhere, thanks to satellites.

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Heavy equipment tracking made easy.

Who said asset tracking in remote areas had to be expensive? HiberEasypulse is a new industrial heavy equipment technology that makes it easy for you to track equipment on your worksite and improve productivity, no matter where you are in the world, at an affordable price (really).

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“With HiberEasypulse, we can connect anywhere and get reliable vehicle data flowing into a data lake.”

Fernando Vázquez Rúa, HINTD

All-in-one fleet tracking system.

HiberEasypulse combines everything you need for construction fleet monitoring. The full solution includes heavy equipment GPS tracking devices, affordable satellite connectivity, and heavy equipment tracking software in one monthly subscription. Just pull it out of the box, set up the system in about 15 minutes, and you’re done.

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HEAVY-duty data

Fast track heavy equipment optimisation.

Heavy equipment asset tracking has a lot of benefits. The data you gather can help you do things like figure out where to cut costs, see where you can improve productivity, and find new areas of improvement that you previously couldn’t see. All of that in the clean, easy-to-use HiberEasypulse dashboard, or integrated into your existing systems.

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Here’s what HiberEasypulse can do.


More visibility


Simple sustainable


Available anywhere


Maintenance made simple


Updates every 15 minutes


Fully scalable


Easy installation


Totally affordable

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