Heavy mining equipment tracking, anywhere in the world.

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Insights, anywhere.

HiberEasypulse uses satellites to bring IoT for the mining industry everywhere, anytime. Track your assets around the world, even in the most remote locations, without any worries. Mining equipment monitoring never looked this good (or easy).

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“With HiberEasypulse, we can connect anywhere and get reliable vehicle data flowing into a data lake.”

Fernando Vázquez Rúa, HINTD

One simple solution.

HiberEasypulse is an all-in-one mining technology solution that combines hardware, software, and satellite connectivity in one easy-to-install package. It’s fleet agnostic, too, so you can connect different mining equipment manufacturers in one portal.

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Keep your people (and vehicles) safe.

HiberEasypulse combines top-notch smart mining technology with clear, easy-to-understand insights so you can make your remote worksites safer. Set up geofences, see how fast vehicles are traveling, and detect movements and extreme shock easily.

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BENEFITS of fleet management

Here’s what makes HiberEasypulse awesome.


Satellite coverage


Scalable solution


Available anywhere


Easy installation


Constant contact


Go digital (without a hassle)


Fast insights


Safer worksites

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