An easy IoT remote monitoring solution for the most remote wells out there.

Know what’s happening at your wells, all the time. No matter how remote.

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Remote monitoring and management made flexible.

HiberHilo® is a new remote temperature and pressure monitoring technology that gives you full control of wellhead monitoring and management. Flexible contract terms make it easy to scale the solution up or down as you like, and you can move the solution around the world. It’s tech for any well, anywhere, any way you like.

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“After testing HiberHilo, the opportunity was clear.”

Ian Taylor, Global Principal Technical Expert for Well Monitoring at Shell
Everything you need

An easy all-in-one oil well remote monitoring system.

HiberHilo has everything you need to start, and nothing you don’t. The solution includes hardware, oil and gas field service software, and the connectivity you need to connect the two. It’s easy to install (seriously, you’ll be up and running in two hours), easy to use, and easy to love.

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Always straightforward

Simple well integrity tools.

Everything about HiberHilo is designed to be open, straightforward, and simple, all the time. A simple subscription means we make sure it works today, next year, and in 10 years, and you’ll get updates free of charge. And with guaranteed uptime and a lifetime warranty on the equipment, you’ll never stress about your well integrity management system, again.

learn about hiberhilo
Features and functionalities

Here’s the special sauce in HiberHilo®.


Satellite coverage for the cost of cellular


Scalable solution


Works anywhere


Easy, DIY installation


Constant contact


Go digital (without the hassle)


Fast insights


Adopt sustainable monitoring practises

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