Datasheet Hiberband Kodiak

400 MHz low profile Right Hand Circular Polarization antenna.


Mechanical drawing antenna

The Hiberband Kodiak is a low profile high performance Right Hand Circular Polarization (RHCP) antenna operating at 400 MHz. With a total peak gain of 5.3dBi and an excellent Right Hand Circular Polarization, the Hiberband Kodiak maximizes the budget link with the Hiberband satellite network.

Key benefits.

Superior Network Coverage
The high gain and excellent Right Hand Circular Polarization of the antenna ensures optimal budget link With 400 MHz satellite network communication.

Robustness and Easy to install
The ruggedized mechanic of the antenna and the different mounting option, including a bracket, make the antenna easy to install on a wall, mast, rook etc.

Fully compliant with the European RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU.

Electrical specifications.

Typical characteristics

Frequency (MHZ) 399 - 401 MHZ
Return Loss < -19 dB
Average Efficiency 68%
Peak Gain 5.3 dBi
Feed Point Impedance 50 ohms unbalanced
Axial Ratio < 3 dB

Mechanical specifications.

Ordering Part Number
Size (mm) 280 x 280 x 27
Connector Type N
Weight (kg) 2.31
Packing Individual packing
* Additional variations available in different colors and connectors.

Right Hand Circular Polarization gain.

Typical performance

Hiber Kodiak Antenna RHCP gain

RHCP gain at 0 = 0°

Typical return loss plots.

Typical performance

Hiber Kodiak Antenna return loss


Antenna radiation patterns.

Hiber Kodiak Antenna radiation patterns


Antenna dimensions.

280 x 280 x 27 mm. All dimensions are in mm.

Hiber Kodiak Antenna dimensions


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