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HiberHeavy. Remote asset tracking data from anywhere.

Remote equipment monitoring
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    Easy vehicle productivity optimisation.
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    Installed in just 15 minutes.
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    Satellite-based for truly global coverage.
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    Low cost. Really.
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The challenge

Managing heavy equipment is tough.

It's hard to keep track of all of your heavy equipment. And that has serious consequences on the productivity of your operation. Maintenance too early. Or maintenance too late. Or unplanned maintenance after a machine breaks down in the field. All of it adds up to hours of lost productivity and costs time, energy, and money to manage. Time you could better spend optimising your workflow, improving preventative maintenance schedules, and eliminating inefficiencies.

  • Downtime Companies lose hours of productivity because of unplanned maintenance.
  • Alarm 20-30% of total asset downtime is unplanned.
  • Maintenance Maintenance is too early 19% of the time. And too late 30% of the time.
  • Fuel Idling burns 2000+ litres of fuel per year, per asset.

Technical nitty gritty.

High level specifications
  • Global coverage
  • Grid and solar powered satellite connectivity
  • GPS location tracking and geofencing
  • Vehicle idling time and distance travelled monitoring
  • Down to 1 minute message updates
  • IP67 sensor node & IP66 satellite terminal

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HiberHeavy changes heavy equipment
monitoring forever. Here’s why.

Satellite Satellite
1. The global satellite network

Monitor your vehicles from anywhere in the world.

Drill down the location of your drills. Hunt for your haulers. Or put a bounty on your bulldozers. Anywhere in the world. Hiber’s satellite network lets you monitor every single vehicle in your fleet. Even if there’s no Internet or cellular signal near your operation. No matter where you are in the world, whether that’s the desert or the middle of the mountains, you’ll get one reading every minute that tells you where your vehicles are and whether they’re running. It’s as simple as that.

2. Reliable data for heavy equipment

Lots of data. Lots of insights.

HiberHeavy sensors track the GPS location of your vehicles and measure idle time. So you can see how many trips each machine makes. And how much of that trip is spent idling. All insights that help you plan better maintenance schedules for reduced downtime and extended asset lifespan.

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3. It's affordable

Big data. Small costs.

Heavy equipment monitoring shouldn’t come with a hefty price. Or a hefty installation process. That’s why Hiber is easy to install, use, and expand. Without costing a fortune. No matter how remote your operation. Just attach the sensor to your equipment, set up a gateway, then drill down where all of your machines are within a 10 kilometre radius.

HiberHeavy Sensor HiberHeavy Sensor
Pricing structure and packages

Straightforward prices for heavy equipment monitoring.

Our pricing is easy to understand. Just like our end-to-end solutions. Whichever package you choose, everything is installed and set up by our certified partners.

HiberHeavy Starter Kit.

  • out-of-the-box private network
  • Satellite connectivity
  • 20 easy-to-install sensors
  • Extra sensors (optional)
  • Dashboard (web-based)
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Connection to enterprise fleet
    management system

Additional sensors.

  • add up to 500 sensors
  • monitor vehicle runtime
  • track idle time
  • see distance travelled
  • easy to install
  • global coverage
  • low monthly cost

Let's chat

Make your worksite more productive.

Heavy equipment monitoring has never looked so good. Or easy. Let's grab a coffee and chat about how to make your vehicles work smarter, not harder.

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Interested in Hiberband?

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Interested in Hiberband?

Let us help you.

Get a quote for a starterkit.

Get a quote for a starterkit.

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Get a quote for a starterkit.

Get a quote for a starterkit.

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Get a quote.