Remote pressure and temperature monitoring via satellite.

Remote well integrity monitoring via satellite.

HiberHilo. Ensure well integrity from anywhere.

Remote well monitoring
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    Easy compliance reports
From $449 per month

One reading every hour.
One dashboard. One solution.

An oil or gas well leak or lack of integrity is a disaster. For people’s safety, environmental impact and the commercial impact both locally and globally. Well integrity monitoring is often complex, time-consuming and expensive. HiberHilo is a simple solution for remote oil and gas pressure and temperature monitoring. It provides an innovative and affordable way to increase safety by ensuring continuous wellhead monitoring. Even in the remotest locations on Earth, thanks to our global satellite network. HiberHilo really is an out-of-the-box solution with everything needed to automate remote well integrity monitoring. Allowing you to connect any oil or gas well anywhere with HiberHilo and save money on trips. Affordable anywhere, it’s your one stop shop to annulus pressure and temperature wellhead monitoring.
And peace-of-mind.

Out-of-the-box solution
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Technical nitty gritty.

High level specifications
  • ATEX zone 1
  • Up to 6 years battery lifetime, at 1 measurement every 15 minutes
  • IP66
  • Connects up to 500 sensors
  • Global coverage with 3rd party satellite network

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HiberHilo changes oil and gas well integrity
monitoring forever. Here’s why.

Satellite Satellite
1. Global satellite network

Even the remotest wellhead operations can be monitored.

Our satellite network gives global coverage. So, oil well integrity anywhere can be monitored and the data sent straight to your dashboard.
See pricing

2. Regular, reliable data, easily accessed

Cost-effective monitoring using less resources.

Manually checking wellhead integrity, annulus pressure and temperature is labour intensive, resource heavy and expensive. Plus there are associated safety risks. In addition, manual monitoring is prone to error and rarely regular. Automating your well integrity monitoring with HiberHilo takes all these challenges and costs away. See pricing

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3. Monitor up to 500 wells easily

Upscale your well monitoring as needed.

Once connectivity is installed, adding wells is a ‘piece of cake’. Add up to 500 sensors in a radius of 10km. And just as the network can expand so can what you monitor. Our affordable packages allow you to add more sensors to monitor more than just pressure and temperature. Check our pricing.

Pricing structure and packages

A simple solution with simple pricing, starting from $449 per month.

We’ve made our pricing straightforward with two clear all-inclusive packages. One for wells that only need a single sensor, the starter kit. The other to fit your needs exactly, the enterprise solution. We offer a full end-to-end solution including installation by certified partners. Installation cost will depend on existing infrastructure and will be quoted separately.

ATEX certified

HiberHilo starter kit

  • 1 pressure or temperature sensor
  • Out-of-the-box private network (LoRaWAN)
  • Satellite connectivity
  • Dashboard (Web based)
  • End-to-end encryption

ATEX certified

Enterprise solution

  • Pressure & temperature sensors, as many as you need (or 4-20 MA converters)
  • Out-of-the-box private network
  • Satellite connectivity
  • Dashboard (Web based) or integration to your systems
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Solution fit exactly to your needs

Additional Sensors

Connect extra sensors whenever you need to.

Need to know temperature? With HiberHilo you can easily add sensors of your choice.
Once your private network is installed, adding extra sensors on the well is simple.
All for an affordable monthly cost including hardware and support.

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Interested in Hiberband?

Let us help you.

Interested in Hiberband?

Let us help you.

Get a quote for a starterkit.

Get a quote for a starterkit.

Get a quote.

Get a quote.

Get a quote for a starterkit.

Get a quote for a starterkit.

Get a quote.

Get a quote.