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Hiber’s solution is HiberHilo and it has a big mission: empowers the energy sector by providing reliable 24/7 remote monitoring. We help customers reduce downtime, optimise operations efficiency, and improve their environmental impact. HiberHilo offers one complete satellite based IoT solution that is Easy to buy, Easy to install, Easy to use.

IoT Technology already has a big impact on business and society in urban as well as in most of the rural areas. The remote world has the same - if not bigger - challenges when it comes to operations safety, efficiency and environmental management. By offering easy to buy, easy to install and easy to use remote IoT solutions, HiberHilo empowers companies in the energy sector through actionable insights and making smarter decisions. With that, HiberHilo wants to contribute to environmental sustainability, specifically to the Sustainable Development Goals.

To date, we hang out in a cosy office in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Our Values?

At Hiber, we:

  • Initiate and Simplify
  • Focus on Customer
  • Support Sustainability and Diversity

At Hiber, we celebrate diversity within our global team. Your unique perspectives and individuality are valued, transcending opinions and preferences. We are committed to foster an inclusive and respectful environment where each one of us champions diversity. This cultivates a vibrant and enriching atmosphere and ultimately makes Hiber a place where everyone thrives.

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