Hiberband® Now Alpha testing.

The Low Power Global Area Network:

Our first two nano satellites launched late 2018. Now, early adopters Alpha test Hiberband to ‘infinity and beyond’. To make IoT access for everyone, anywhere a reality.

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We think this is awesome – and so do a few others

One box, a world of possibilities.

It looks simple. And it really is. Some of the greatest ideas ever invented are simple. In the box is a modem. It connects automatically to Hiber’s low flying satellites (more later) and that’s it. Your data sent, received, pinged to the cloud. Yours to enjoy. To open up new ideas. New possibilities. And, hopefully, new life-changing, even world-changing solutions.

From just a few dollars a year

Global coverage - pole to pole, oceans, deserts, even mom’s backyard

10-year modem battery life on a single charge

Simple set up – minutes not days

Store-and- forward tech – not a hyper expensive real-time service

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How it works!

Here’s the top line or ‘skinny’. But for lovers of info and spec we do have a datasheet.

Connections, connections everywhere.

Sending data should be simple but often it isn’t. Your device isn’t always in range of a cellular network. Or, as it travels between countries, it’s constantly changing networks and losing coverage. Hiberband® from Hiber® changes the game. If you’ve got a device and it wants to ‘talk’, we’ll see it and connect. And all that data is yours. No mountain too high. No ocean too wide. No jungle too dark. No city too busy. Now, if it was only that easy to find a great coffee anywhere on earth.

Fire up the modem and forget it.

Complex isn’t our style. Easy is. So, our modems connect to your device in minutes not hours. There’s no SIM card. They don’t need charging - for up to 10 years they’ll happily send data from your device from anywhere on earth. Just connect the Hiber® modem and antenna, turn it on online and you’re good to go. Literally, anywhere.

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Get into the nitty gritty: Download datasheet

Teeny weeny satellites - massive, mahoosive coverage.

We love our nano satellites. These little beauties skim the earth at 600km not 35,800km. Creating a global network of super-efficient, super-affordable satellites. All hungry for your modem’s data. The moment the satellite flies over your device, your modem ‘wakes up’ and, ‘pow’, the data is sent. It doesn’t get more efficient than that. And we’re launching even more so we’re ready for your next data-driven big idea. On a clear night you might even see them. Say ‘hi’ to them and ‘hello’ to a world of new possibilities.

Your data, delivered superfast.

As soon as we get your modem’s data, we’re ready to fire it to our groundstation. With every satellite circling the earth 16 times a day the wait isn’t long. Once sent, the afterburners really kick in as superfast fibre connections whoosh it to your cloud platform. All ready for you to enjoy.

To infinity, or your laptop, and beyond.

Being remote no longer means being isolated. In the blink of an eye. Or the pass of a satellite, the world comes to you. All that data is yours. To monitor soil temperature, watch over livestock, track railcars, monitor gas tanks, check water usage. You’re free to realise ideas you only ever dreamed of. Now, isn’t that worth talking to Hiber® about?

Same world, different angle... Hiberband®

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Everything connected everywhere. For everyone. Step 1: get connected with us.

Connection everywhere. Sounds pretty interesting right? We couldn’t agree more. So let’s see how we can help you to get your devices connected.

Leave us some details and we’ll contact you as soon as possible and find out how we can help you. A new way of connecting, only one click away!

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Not sure how to say it. But we’re very gratefull for your interest. We won’t disappoint you and get in touch as soon as possible. For now, have another read:

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This is what Hiberband® can do.

Endless opportunities to help both people and planet. Win win for everyone…

Enabling marine protection or helping local farmers protect increase their yield. Because you can now connect things all around the globe, even in the most remote areas, new possibilities arise… Look at the opportunities other people saw.

Climate tech helps next gen rural farmers.


Humanitarian organisation improving education


Humanitarian- Commercial


Make kids the smart farmers of tomorrow


We can’t predict the weather. But we can help prepare for it. In rural communities, a pilot project of 150 schools is using climate stations to access weather and soil data to improve local agriculture. This non-profit organisation sells the data to commodity traders to finance more climate station, ultimately connecting 1.3 million schools. Helping 10-year- old children become the smart farmers of tomorrow. To produce more crops and healthier livestock. So their families, communities and the region, don’t just survive but prosper.

# devices


Unconnected schools in emerging countries

24x daily
1x daily

Sowing the seeds for change in Tanzania.


38 million farmers in Tanzania




Bring innovation to millions of local farms


Don’t go with your gut feeling. Go with the data. That’s what up to 38 million ordinary Tanzanian farmers are learning. Thanks to a company using local soil sensors and a nearby rain sensor, farmers can understand what is really happening. The result? More profitable production from increased yields as seeds are sown the right time and ideal conditions. Meaning not just enough crops for the community but also to take to market. Removing hunger and poverty. Doesn’t that taste good.

# devices


Sensors in East Africa

1x daily
1x daily

Asia: Fish and computer chips for Indonesia’s fleets.


Indonesian fishing fleets




A sustainable future for local fishermen.


Europeans love the taste of exotic Indonesian fish. It’s very profitable for local fishermen, too. But flood the market and soon there’ll be no market. So how do you keep a careful eye on every fishing ship? Most of which are small. Vessel monitoring might be regulated, but current tech is expensive. What fisherman need is an easy to install, low cost tracking device, that covers every ocean. With a seriously long battery life. Ahem? Did we just hear the case for Hiberband®? I think we did! And we’re happy to help.

# devices


Fisher boats in Indonesia

12x daily
1x daily
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Same world, different angle... Hiberband®

We're Hiber®.

Tech with a human face.

Hiber® is an eclectic team of like-minded, big-hearted and seriously motivated guys and girls who want to change the world, for good. Pushing the boundaries is what drives us. We love tech. More importantly, we love what we know it can do to make everyone’s life better. And it is that human touch, that desire to improve everything, that sets us all apart and gives us a real buzz.

We think of ourselves as 21st Century tech pioneers. Exploring new possibilities every day. Doing what has never dared be done before. And succeeding. For us, tech isn’t a new app, game or social media fad. It’s a chance to make a real difference, long-term. Not a quick buck short-term.

To date, we hang out in offices in Amsterdam and Delft (home of a big tech university) in the Netherlands and Maryland (US). But with more and more, open-minded thinkers and doers wanting to join us, who knows where’s next.

For the space junkies amongst you, we launch our satellites with PSLV in India and SpaceX from Vanderburgh, USA.

We’re Hiber®. Same world, different angle.

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Meet the Hiber® team.

Hiber® was established in 2016 as Magnitude Space. It was founded by some of the biggest, most experienced hitters in satellite tech, ecommerce and digital thinking.

They range from the ex VP of General Electric Satcom and ex CFO of Booking.com to the founders of Just-Eat Benelux and Treatwell. People who know how tech and data can change lives but also have the experience to make it happen. To either climb over obstacles or just charge through them. This organisational power helped make the Hiberband® dream a reality in 2018. And this is only the beginning.

As a team we have a combined experience of
years in IoT
years in satcom
years in startups
Join our team
Aurelie Cocheril Space System Engineer
Jean-Rémy Lannelongue Business Developer
Hugo Bradshaw Accountant
Ilker Öztelcan Software Engineer
Erik Wienk MD
Laurens Groenendijk MD
Rob Kamerling Business Development Manager
Nikita Vodyagin Senior Electronics Design Engineer
"It's great being in a team that's bringing ease to a world of complexity" - Nikita
Coen Janssen Business Intelligence
Florian Gendrault Commercial Director - Americas
Sven Cune Customer Success Manager
Erwin Oegema Software Engineer
Rutger van Dalen Solutions Engineer
Wietse Bouwmeester Electronics Design Engineer
Jasper Fassaert Creative Director
"We create a global impact by unlocking business knowledge worldwide" - Delano
Eda Pejtamalli Telecommunications Engineer
Delano Keuter Field Application Engineer
Tom Schreuder Senior Project Manager
Maarten Engelen MD
Laura Salcedo Junior Legal Counsel
Tom Krikke Business Developer
Benjamin Hollway Frontend Software Engineer
"Everyday I'm proud to be part of meaningful projects in a fast moving team" - Aurelie
Steven Rutgers Vice President Business Development
Wouter Bouvy Senior Software Engineer
Youri Leeuwis Designer
Ingmar uit de Bos Frontend Software Engineer
Dariusz Maksimiuk Senior Telecommunications Engineer
Joris Aerts Senior Electronics Engineer
Norbert Schröder Manager International Frequency Coordination
João Crespo Software Engineer
Bruce Henoch General Counsel
Jens Hertz Senior Software Engineer
Hub Urlings Innovation Manager

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