Off-grid asset monitoring wherever you are.

Hiber makes IoT solutions that are simple to use, easy to install, and that work anywhere in the world, thanks to satellites.

all-in-one solutions

Simple IoT solutions for remote industries everywhere.

From tractors to boats to oil wells (and everything in between), we’ve got tracking and monitoring solutions that give you insights about your worksite, even if it’s in the middle of nowhere.

Asset tracking.

Keep track of all of your stuff, all around the world.

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Fleet monitoring.

Connect mixed fleets and see new ways to improve operations.

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Oil and gas well monitoring.

Increase productivity and keep your engineers safe.

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“Hiber’s approach is a constellation of cost-effective and energy-efficient nano-satellites. The startup hopes to address geoeconomic challenges – such as allowing users to monitor and manage crop production from afar”

William Ralston, Wired

Some ways to use our technology.

about us

Hi, we're Hiber.

And we’re on a mission to bring Internet of Things technology to the most remote worksites around the world through affordable satellite connectivity.

Our story

Hiber was founded by some of the biggest, most experienced hitters in satellite tech, ecommerce and digital innovation. Since then, we've been joined by the brightest minds. Bravest thinkers. And widest smiles on this planet. As Coldplay sang, 'Nobody said it was easy'. But, oh boy, is it rewarding. To be part of something that will change the lives of everyone on our beautiful blue planet. That's not a job. That's just awesome. And we love it.

Our mission

We’re paving the way for remote industrial IoT tech. And setting a global standard that makes IoT easy to buy, easy to install, and easy to use, no matter where you are on the planet.

Satellite connectivity

The key to our company lies with the satellites swiping across the sky. We work with trusted third-party companies, and have adapted our technology to be power efficient, so we can bring regular, reliable connectivity to worksites in remote areas.