IoT connected, pole to pole, east to west.

Connect anything, anywhere to anyone. From the coldest pole,
widest ocean or highest mountain. Even your mom's backyard.

Featured case study

Hot data from the coldest Pole.

The ice cap is shrinking. Fortunately, the data we need to stop this
is increasing. Time to tackle climate change. Read case study

Featured case study

Nano satellites help rural communities.

Increasing crop yields by increasing climate info fills rural
communities wallets and tummies. Read case study


projected sensors
in Antarctica


projected sensors
in Tanzania, Africa

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Dedicated frequency officially secured at ITU.

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Officially supported by the European Space Agency.

AES-GCM secured with a 128-bit key.

Getting connected starts with a Hiberband-ready device.

The IoT solution that’s here,
there and everywhere for you.

The IoT solution that’s here, there and everywhere for you.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about so much more than home thermostats, fridges and Alexa. The ability to connect anything, anywhere and share that data has the potential to change the lives of literally everyone on our planet.

Hiber’s mission is to bring easy, affordable access to IoT connectivity to everyone on our beautiful planet. No longer is it the privilege of the developed world but the whole world. Nano satellites make this happen by covering 100% of Earth’s surface. Rural, remote and industrial connectivity is a reality. Allowing IoT access from the widest oceans, coldest poles, darkest jungles, highest mountains, and busiest cities. Even your mom’s backyard.

Imagine being able to monitor remote fishing fleets, knowing the perfect time to sow crops, when an outback water supply was low, or where 1,000 isolated railcars are. And that’s just today’s solutions. Hiberband means previously unthought of ideas can easily become real. The possibilities are limitless.

The only thing holding any of us back is the size of our IoT dream.

I want to know what IoT can really do.

When data flows easily from anything to anyone, the possibilities are limitless.

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I want to connect my device today.

World-changing IoT ideas need global connectivity. Discover how to integrate Hiberband into your device.

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AES-GCM 128-bit key

When data flows easily from anything to anyone, the possibilities are limitless.

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World-changing IoT ideas need global connectivity. Discover how to integrate Hiberband into your device.

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We think Hiber is amazing.
But don’t just take our word for it.

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Step by step

How Hiberband works.


Sensors everywhere, on everything.

In a waterwell. On a railcar. In a rice field. Or on a moving truck. Sensors can be anywhere. Monitoring soil temperature, railcar location, water supply or virtually anything else. Then they send the data direct to a nano satellite or via the gateway.


The gateway for 100s of devices.

The Hiberband Via gateway collects data from new or existing LoRa® sensors in an area. Then bundles them all together in one or more messages. When a nano satellite passes over the gateway it sends the messages all at once. Which is much more efficient and power-friendly.


Tiny modems go anywhere.

The Hiberband Direct modem is tiny. That way they can be integrated in any sensor ready to receive data, staying in sleepmode until a nano satellite passes over and literally wakes the modem from its 'hibernation'. Hence our name, Hiber. Once awake, the modem transmits the data 600Km into space.


Nano satellites collect big data.

Nano satellites zoom around Earth every 90 minutes at 22,000 KPH. Covering the whole planet every day. When they pass over a modem, they wake it up and all that glorious data is sucked up into space. Like data camels, the nano satellites then collect and store it all, before forwarding to a local groundstation.


Groundstations around the globe.

When a nano satellite passes over a groundstation all the data it has collected is transmitted back to Earth. From the groundstation it is forwarded to the chosen Cloud service and Mission Control. Simple. Fast. Efficient.


Mission Control puts you in control.

Mission Control is a modem management platform. It provides a quick overview of every device deployed anywhere on Earth. Including its health status and location. Mission control also manages Cloud services via API, webhooks or bespoke integration. 'Houston, we don't have a problem.'


Choose your own cloud service.

Every precious bite of data our modems gather can be stored anywhere in the Cloud. AWS to Google Cloud. Or a purpose-built Cloud service. No problem. No worries. No lost sleep.

Integrated Modem
Mission control
Cloud service

Hiberband Direct.
Send data direct from any device, anywhere.

Connect your IoT device directly to our nano satellites from almost anywhere on Earth. Every time a satellite passes over the modem, it wakes up and sends all your glorious stored data 600Km into space. Easy. Simple. And totally affordable. How awesome is that?

Hiberband Via.
Collect all your data from all your devices at once.

Got more than one LoRa® device with data you need to collect? No worries. Hiberband Via allows you to connect all your LoRa® devices via the gateway. Once collected, it bundles all the data together to transmit as a single or multiple message. So you get your data from every device in one tidy, tiny package. Neat.

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