Build more cost-effective decommissioning plans.

HiberHilo keeps you on top of well integrity 24/7 (without sending people to the site).


Get 24/7 data on your remote wells.

And make plug and abandonment easier, as a result. When you have information like regular annulus pressure, you’ll be able to build more cost-effective plug and abandonment strategies.

Get key data points
Reduce costs
Increase safety
At an affordable price

Regular, reliable data, 24/7.

HiberHilo gathers data from your wells at regular intervals, then transmits that data every 15 minutes to your dashboard via satellite. It’s data you can use to understand well behaviour (and plan better decommissioning strategies).

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Avoid unexpected surprises.

Use pressure data to see whether you’ve got a one-plug, two-plug, or three-plug well ahead of time. Then, give crews a clear scope of work, every time they go out for a visit.

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Only visit wells when it’s necessary.

Keep track of what’s happening, without sending a team to manually check wells. With HiberHilo you can monitor pressure, temperature, and more, without exposing people to risks.

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A subscription you control.

One clear and simple price. Everything you need for well monitoring. Zero hidden fees. HiberHilo has a simple subscription pricing structure that lets you get constant data from your remote wells without an up-front investment.

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“We chose HiberHilo to reduce our operational costs and improve crew safety by minimising travel, improve our early detection of well safety issues, and increase production uptime. We’re impressed that HiberHilo is delivering on all these requirements.”

Dr Ebenezer Ageh, Chief Technical Officer at Niger Delta
Use case

One customer connected 2 platforms in two days.

One of our customers had the systems in place to make sure wells on their unmanned platform could operate safely, but lacked the data they needed to plan and conclude diagnostic work. So, when the team heard about HiberHilo as a well monitoring solution that runs 24/7 in remote locations, they knew it could be the tool to help them get the critical information they needed for abandonment design.


Avoiding unpleasant surprises.

After a two-hour training provided by us, our customer’s crew installed 27 sensors on two unmanned platforms. With the 24/7 data, the team can accurately plan the plug and abandonment design of the well, without putting extra strain on the crew at sea.

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27 sensors


2 days

spent on installation

75% reduction

in number of well visits

$1000s saved

every month, per well in reduced P&A and well visit costs


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