Meet hiberhilo

Remote oil well monitoring made easy.

Keep track of your well status from anywhere in the world, thanks to satellites.

Insights for performance excellence

Here’s what’s possible.

When you bring HiberHilo out to your oilfield, the results can be pretty spectacular. Because digital oilfield development can be easy, affordable, and make a big difference for your business.

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$10,000 savings

per well on trips and interventions

90 minute

installation time, done by your own engineers

24/7 data

wellhead pressure and temperature data


reduction in trips to well

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It's easy

Hardware, software, connectivity.

HiberHilo has everything you need to get started with remote monitoring and management, right out of the box. Hardware, software, and satellite connectivity, wrapped up into one easy-to-install and use solution. How beautiful is that?

hardware and sensors

Reliable data, even in remote areas.

The HiberHilo solution includes digital pressure sensors and remote temperature monitoring devices that give you regular, reliable pressure and temperature data from any well, anywhere.

Long battery life.

We optimised the sensor usage so you don’t have to worry about the batteries draining.

Install it yourself.

The sensor plugs directly into the Christmas tree. No special equipment needed.


With IP67 waterproofing and some serious shock testing, it’s built to handle anything.

ATEX certified.

The HiberHilo gateway is zone 2 certified, and the sensors are certified for zone 0 and 1.

Long battery life

Install it yourself


ATEX certified

satellite connectivity

Remote oil well monitoring. Made possible by satellites.

HiberHilo connects to one of the world’s best satellite networks to make remote monitoring possible.

Global coverage

Using Inmarsat’s ELERA satellite network to connect devices in remote locations.

Near real-time messaging

Data from your wellheads every 5 min, and see it in your dashboard every 15 min.

Transmission every 15 min

The edge station takes regular data samples, then transmits the data every 15 minutes.

Easy updates

The satellite connectivity makes it easy for us to update the HiberHilo gateway.

Global coverage

Near real-time messaging

Transmission every 15 min

Easy updates


Easy digital asset management software.

See all of your asset data in one simple overview.
The HiberHilo dashboard offers powerful reports to help you better understand your worksites.

Set personalised alarms.

Define thresholds for your well performance, and get instant notifications.

Find problems faster.

See which wells need attention, before they turn into catastrophes.

Send the right people.

Keep your people safe. Only send them to a well when it needs attention.

Increase production.

Keep your oil fields running smoothly with better data.

Set personalised alarms

Find problems faster

Send the right people

Increase production

Flexible and affordable

With a subscription, you’re in control.

The HiberHilo well integrity management system works on a subscription. A choice that puts you in control of your well monitoring. Scale it up or down as you like, move devices around the world, and get free hardware and software updates for the entire contract duration.

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From safer worksites to more productive oil fields, HiberHilo can help you keep your operations running smoothly.

Oil and gas well monitoring.

Increase productivity and keep your engineers safe.

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