Understand your pipelines for better pigging and maintenance.

Gather data on your most remote pipelines, thanks to satellite connectivity.

Pipeline and pigging optimisation

Get reliable pig and pipeline data.

Whether you’ve got gathering and transmissions pipelines with awkward geometry, or your lines are too remote to be monitored by cellular. HiberHilo’s here to help you get clear, simple data from your pipelines to help optimise pigging and flow, at an affordable price.

At an affordable price

24/7 data on key metrics.

HiberHilo lets you collect pressure, temperature, flow, vibration, valve position, and compressor data, from any pipeline, anywhere, around the clock. It can also help you detect specific gases, such as methane, for easy risk management.

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Manage risk with regular, reliable data.

What you can measure, you can manage. HiberHilo gives you a near-constant stream of reliable pipeline data to help easily reduce environmental and personnel hazards. Now, you can build more targeted inspection, repair, and maintenance programs, without sending crews to manually monitor gauges.

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Monitor blockages in your pipelines.

Monitor the pressure on several points of your pipeline, and see when water or dirt buildup is blocking the flow. You’ll be able to optimise your pigging schedule and increase production from your wells, easily, no manual inspections necessary.

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Subscription-based for simplicity.

All OpEx. No worries. HiberHilo uses a simple, transparent subscription price that includes everything you need for pipeline monitoring at an affordable monthly cost. Hidden fees? Not on our watch.

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“Data feeds the improvement cycle of pipeline risk assessment, integrity status, inspection, repair, and maintenance, and analysis. HiberHilo makes that data collection possible.”

Arne Spliet, Pipeline Consultant

Example from a customer in the U.S.

One of our customers in the United States has 20+ wells with rod pumps in a remote location that are still producing, but not very much. Their number one goal is getting as much out of the line, without spending a fortune. To keep producing as much as possible, the pipelines need to stay clean. But with the remote location and the old technology, the customer doesn’t know where blockages occur, or when. As a result, the crew is forced to run pigs through every pipeline, every 12 hours. A lot of time and energy spent on cleaning. But important to keep production flowing and reduce flaring.


From pigging every 12 hours to only when it’s needed.

Since installing HiberHilo pressure sensors on each pipeline, our customer knows exactly where a blockage is, and when it starts. With the data, they can send a team out to immediately launch a pig in the right place. Skip pigging pipelines that are flowing. And all but eliminate flaring caused by pressure build ups. Saving time and money. But also the environment.


gathering lines monitored


reduction in flaring


fewer kilometres driven, every month


increase in operational efficiency with targeting pigging


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