Ensure well integrity, no matter where.

HiberHilo helps you keep your wells safe, 24/7.


Stay compliant and reduce costs at the same time.

Make setting up your wells to meet local regulations a breeze. HiberHilo gives you all the data you need to check your annuli, stay compliant, and better manage your wells, all for an affordable price.

Get key data points
Extend operating lifetime
Increase safety
At an affordable price

Regular, reliable data, 24/7.

HiberHilo gathers data from your wells at regular intervals, then transmits that data every 15 minutes via satellite to your dashboard. With it, you can understand annulus behaviour, anticipate potential hazards, and meet compliance requirements, all at the same time.

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Anticipate (and respond).

HiberHilo data lets you learn about your wells and anticipate future integrity issues. Plus, with data in hand, you can quickly identify issues as they come up and make measured decisions about how to respond in the best (and most cost-effective) way.

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Only visit wells when it’s necessary.

Keep track of what’s happening, without sending a team to manually check wells. With HiberHilo you can monitor pressure, temperature, and more, without exposing people to risks.

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A subscription you control.

One clear and simple price. Everything you need for well monitoring. Zero hidden fees. HiberHilo has a simple subscription pricing structure that lets you get constant data from your remote wells without an up-front investment.

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“As a growing, independent oil and gas company, we needed proven remote well-monitoring technology that would deliver maximum benefit at an affordable cost. Being able to implement the technology quickly and easily was also important, given the age and condition of the wells.”

Dragos Chetan, Senior Production Technologist at Dacian Petroleum
Use case

One customer reduced the number of well trips by 83%.

One of our customers has hard-to-reach producing wells located in remote locations of Papua New Guinea, and needs to send monthly integrity reports to the government. By sending out a team of three highly-skilled operators to perform a highly unskilled task of collecting the readings across the company’s roughly 100 wells, the monthly cost of well integrity monitoring could easily pass $100,000.


HiberHilo unlocks barrels of value.

Our customer installed HiberHilo pressure sensors on the A-, B-, and C-annuli across its assets, meaning that the company could now report well integrity status to the regulator without the need for monthly trips. Instead, the company would only need to visit the wells for production-related issues and for semi-annual check-ins.

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300 sensors


15 minutes

spent on installation, per well

83% reduction

in number of well visits

$819,210 saved

every year


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