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Say 'Hi' to the Hiber team. Tech with a human face.

About Hiber

The Hiber story.

Hiber is an eclectic team of like-minded, big-hearted and seriously motivated guys and girls who want to change the world, for good. Pushing the boundaries is what drives us. We love tech. More importantly, we love what we know it can do to make everyone’s life better. And it is that human touch, that desire to improve everything, that sets us all apart and gives us a real buzz.

We think of ourselves as 21st century tech pioneers. Exploring new possibilities every day. Doing what has never dared be done before. And succeeding. For us, tech isn’t a new app, game or social media fad. It’s a chance to make a real difference, long-term. Not a quick buck short-term. To date, we hang out in offices in Amsterdam and Delft (home of a big tech university) in the Netherlands and Maryland (US). But with more and more, open-minded thinkers and doers wanting to join us, who knows where’s next.

We’re Hiber. Same world, different angle.

  • Jun 01, 2016
    Founded as magnitude space in amsterdam
  • Jul 04, 2016
    Filed for frequency at ITU
  • Oct 17, 2017
    Rebranded as Hiber. R&D Centre in Delft opens
  • Nov 24, 2018
    Launch of first two satellites with ISRO and SpaceX
  • Dec 24, 2018
    First beep received from space
  • Mar 12, 2019
    Alpha testing of Hiberband network starts
Hiber's Awards

We think Hiber is awesome.
And so does the rest of the world.

We're not going to get all gushy like Oscar winners. Not our style. But we are super proud to win awards. Not because we have a great night out. Although that's nice. But because it means the world recognises what an awesome idea Hiber is. And the passion and dedication everyone has shown to make it happen in just 3 years. That's pretty amazing. And pretty humbling. Thank you. (No tears, Coen!)

Wired logo
EU’s hottest startups 2018

Super stoked. We want to replace Elon Musk on the cover.

Amazon Web Services re:Invent Logo
Commercial startup launch 2018

We join previous winners Netflix, AirBnB and Pinterest. Wow!

Vectrix logo
Startup deal of the year 2018

Time for more champagne. Thanks guys.

Accenture logo
Innovation award 2017

One of the first awards. Today we need a bigger cabinet.

PWC logo
PWC Pioneer festival 2017

And we thought festivals were only for music and dancing. Thank you.

Founders-factory logo
EU Founders factory award 2018

Great to be part of the new wave. Here's to the future.

Meet the Hiber family

Chilled. Thrilled. And ready to change the world.

Hiber was founded by some of the biggest, most experienced hitters in satellite tech, ecommerce and digital innovation. Since then, we've been joined by the brightest minds. Bravest thinkers. And widest smiles on this planet. As Coldplay sang, 'Nobody said it was easy'. But, oh boy, is it rewarding. To be part of something that will change the lives of everyone on our beautiful blue planet. That's not a job. That's just awesome. And we love it.

Picture of Aurelie Cocheril
Aurelie Cocheril Space System Engineer
Picture of Hugo Bradshaw
Hugo Bradshaw Accountant
Picture of Ilker Öztelcan
Ilker Öztelcan Software Engineer
Picture of Tom Krikke
Tom Krikke Lead Business Development - EMEA
Picture of Nikita Vodyagin
Nikita Vodyagin Senior Electronics Design Engineer
Picture of Coen Janssen
Coen Janssen Business Intelligence
Picture of Florian Gendrault
Florian Gendrault Commercial Director - Americas
Picture of Laura Salcedo
Laura Salcedo Junior Legal Counsel
Picture of Erwin Oegema
Erwin Oegema Software Engineer
Picture of Kido Hernowo
Kido Hernowo Business Development
Picture of Jasper Fassaert
Jasper Fassaert Creative Director
Picture of Eda Pejtamalli
Eda Pejtamalli Telecommunications Engineer
Picture of Delano Keuter
Delano Keuter Field Application Engineer
Picture of Sven Cune
Sven Cune Customer Success Manager
Picture of Benjamin Hollway
Benjamin Hollway Senior Frontend Software Engineer
Picture of Steven Rutgers
Steven Rutgers Vice President Business Development
Picture of Wouter Bouvy
Wouter Bouvy Senior Software Engineer
Picture of Ingmar uit de Bos
Ingmar uit de Bos Frontend Software Engineer
Picture of Alexandra Kliemann
Alexandra Kliemann Software developer
Picture of Joris Aerts
Joris Aerts Senior Electronics Engineer
Picture of Norbert Schröder
Norbert Schröder Manager International Frequency Coordination
Picture of João Crespo
João Crespo Software Engineer
Picture of Jens Hertz
Jens Hertz Senior Software Engineer
Picture of Hub Urlings
Hub Urlings Innovation Manager
Picture of Niels van Etten
Niels van Etten Field Application Engineer
Picture of Wietse Bouwmeester
Wietse Bouwmeester Electronics Design Engineer
Picture of Bruce Henoch
Bruce Henoch General Counsel
Join the Hiber gang

Be part of Hiber’s adventure.

We're always looking for the most talented and enquiring minds on Earth. And in space. People who challenge us every day. And like to be challenged back. So check out the roles we have around the world. There's more coming every month.


We're everywhere. On Earth. In space.

Our offices are warm and open. Just like the people in them. Pop along for a coffee or something colder if you'd like to see how and where we work. You'd be super welcome.

Interested in Hiberband?

Let us help you.

Interested in Hiberband?

Let us help you.

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Get a quote for a starterkit.

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Get a quote for a starterkit.

Get a quote for a starterkit.

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Get a quote.