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The Hiber Story.

We help the energy industry with easy to buy, easy to install & easy to use remote IoT solutions that provide actionable insights.

No matter how remote. From the middle of the mountains. To the middle of the desert. We’re developing end-to-end IoT solutions that make off-grid asset monitoring simple and affordable.

Our vision.

IoT technology already has a big impact on business and society in urban and most rural areas. The remote world, however, has the same - if not bigger - challenges, when it comes to efficiency and environmental management.

Hiber is passionate about solving these challenges, because we believe remote IoT solutions can make a big difference in the journey towards a cleaner and better environment.

We can support this by providing the energy sector with regular, reliable remote monitoring insights, 24/7. The data they need, for a cleaner, faster, and more sustainable energy transition.

Our background in a nutshell.

Hiber started as a satellite business in 2016. But we quickly realised that satellite connectivity was only a small piece of a much larger puzzle. So in 2020, we connected with bigger satellite players (like Inmarsat), and changed our business to focus on one key thing: making easy to afford end-to-end solutions that let companies get mission-critical data out of remote locations.

In 2021, we partnered with WTS Energy to tackle the challenges in the energy space. We created a product called HiberHilo, which helps oil and gas companies monitor their most remote wells from the comfort of their office:

“At WTS Energy, we work in many remote locations and well integrity monitoring comes with many logistical challenges. Technology like satellite-enabled well integrity monitoring of remote wells is a key to keeping the existing wells environmentally safe. We are all in the middle of the energy transition and it is super important to keep the oil and gas industry safe and protect the environment during this time. What you measure improves!”
Frederik Rengers, CEO at WTS Energy

HiberHilo took off, and companies around the world started implementing the solution. With that traction obvious, we decided to narrow our scope in 2022 and focus on delivering amazing remote monitoring tech to the energy industry. We’re at the start of the amazing energy transition. And our simple solutions can have massive impacts on how quickly companies can digitise and change.

The future is bright. Hiber’s future growth is secured financially by Finch Capital as main investor. And we’re excited to see what’s coming.

Some of our customer’s feedback.

“After testing HiberHilo, the opportunity was clear”
Ian Taylor, Global Principal Technical Expert for well integrity at Shell.

“Like us, Hiber is a young company, and their can-do attitude and agility in delivering this solution perfectly matched the way we like to do business.”
Dragos Chetan, senior production technologist at Dacian Petroleum

“We chose HiberHilo to reduce our operational costs and crew safety by minimising site commutes, improve our early detection of well safety issues, and increase production uptime.”
Dr. Ebenezer Ageh, chief technical officer at Niger Delta Exploration & Production


We are located in Amsterdam.

Donauweg 10 1043 AJ, Amsterdam The Netherlands

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Hiber founded as Magnitude Space with the mission of connecting the 90% of the world that didn’t have access to connectivity.
We start the development of HiberBand, the protocols to communicate ultra-low power for remote IoT solutions.
We begin commercial activities and sign our first customer.
Amazon awards Hiber the AWS Commercial Startup of the Year award.
The Dutch government selects us as a Dutch National Icon.
We pivot away from a connectivity-only business model and start building end-to-end solutions.
January - We partner up with WTS Energy to build and launch HiberHilo®.
April - We receive €26 million in funding.
August - Wired ranks us as one of the Top 100 European startups of the year (for the second time).
September - Shell signs a global framework agreement to make it easy for all subsidiaries to install HiberHilo around the world.
September - The Next Web ranks us as one of the hottest European scale ups.
October - We enter into a strategic partnership with Inmarsat to ensure the best satellite connectivity as a backbone to our industrial IoT solutions for our customers.
June - Hiber gets SOC 2 certified.
November - Hiber focus exclusively on the development and rollout of HiberHilo.
HiberHilo is scaling up worldwide with partners around the globe